Markham Stouffville Hospital - Ease Of Implementation To Help Convey Information To Patients

“The CoHealth team has been so helpful in launching their mobile app at MSH. Our patients consistently tell us how helpful the app is and how appreciative they are to have access to these trusted and extensive resources. The CoHealth team has been exceedingly easy to work with and go above and beyond to ensure their partners are satisfied.”

- Andrew Schellenbach, Transformation Consultant at Markham Stouffville Hospital

When CoHealth approached Markham Stouffville Hospital in their early days, they came bearing a solution that aligned directly with a problem. Many patients at Markham Stouffville Hospital reported feeling overwhelmed while receiving the traditional paper and verbal instructions. Let’s face it, most patients prefer to review their care info when they get home or when they’re with a family member. It’s difficult to comprehend new tasks, medications, appointments, symptoms; all at once, while in the emergency department.

Implementation made easy for the health service provider

Scoping out the initial launch area, Markham Stouffville Hospital wanted to launch CoHealth’s platform in their emergency department. CoHealth worked with the MSH team to understand how to make this process as effective for patients and easy to implement as possible. Firstly, Markham Stouffville Hospital selected the patient education materials that were to be distributed to patients through CoHealth. The easiest place to start was with all of the content that was already available and handed out to patients via pamphlets, brochures and booklets. CoHealth took this content and digitized the content to make it more accessible for patients. Being able to present the info in a way that patients can understand was a key priority during this project.

First came the Emergency Department…. What next?

Markham Stouffville Hospital had an initial concern when partnering with CoHealth; what time commitment were they looking for? It’s difficult to take on a new project when you may not have the correct resources to support it. Once Markham Stouffville Hospital was set up on our private messaging channel, they realized how simple it was to facilitate and organize all of their content. All they needed to do was drag and drop their pdfs, videos and pamphlets, CoHealth handled the rest. Once the emergency department was live with CoHealth and started to generate data, Markham Stouffville wondered what the next steps would be. Maternity and Childbirth department was next on the list of departments. CoHealth created digital content for this new ecosystem, while also eliminating the cost of printing 300 page booklets that were normally distributed. Markham Stouffville Hospital also belongs to a very multicultural environment, and all of the content on CoHealth was being presented in English only. Tamil and Chinese plans were quickly added to the platform, allowing patients from different demographics to access the info, something that may have been hard with traditional paper and verbal instructions.

This project is considered a success by Markham Stouffville Hospital given patient uptake, feedback, usage, and access to information. CoHealth is now launching in a number of new departments at Markham Stouffville Hospitals.

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