North York General Hospital - Spread to Departments to Ensure Exceptional Patient Experience

“North York General Hospital started their partnership with CoHealth in March 2018 with the vision to improve access to self-care management tools for our patient population. Our experience with CoHealth has allowed us to expand the rollout of the app to multiple areas within the hospital - beginning the trend towards mindful patient insights and quality improvement.”

- Jennifer Quaglietta Director, Patient Experience, Quality, and Patient and Family-Centred Care

North York General Hospital (NYGH) first launched CoHealth in April 2018 with their orthopaedics unit. Their priority was to focus CoHealth’s capabilities on total hip and knee replacement surgeries to enhance the patient experience. This was an ideal area to start because the care for both surgeries are relatively standardized and include a great deal of educational materials, pre and post-surgery. The relevant patient-facing educational materials, recovery tasks, and patient flow is similar from patient to patient and was previously provided in the form of pamphlets and paper. Once NYGH provided CoHealth with their current intake and discharge materials, we were able to create a digital experience for NYGH’s hip and knee patient population.

Data Driven Decision Making

During the first six months after implementation, we evaluated some key factors that were critical to the project’s success. Over half (52%) of all patients being assessed for this elective surgery downloaded CoHealth and used the app throughout their care.

This digital experience helped patients manage their care better and also allowed for the collection of patient experience data. In the first six months after launching CoHealth, patients completed a real-time survey created by NYGH. Through this survey, CoHealth obtained a world class NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 8.41, demonstrating how satisfied patients were using CoHealth. This quick feedback allows point-of-care staff and clinical teams to make important changes to continuously provide exceptional experiences for patients and their families and caregivers.

Hospital-wide real-time patient experience surveying

It was critical that the clinical teams were enjoying distributing the CoHealth platform to their patients. We made it easy to determine specific patient checkpoints along the care continuum that aligned with all parties when introducing CoHealth to patients. Once NYGH knew the launch process was simple and worked with existing clinical workflows, the spread to other departments began. By September 2018, CoHealth worked with NYGH to build out respirology, medical imaging, laboratory medicine, critical care unit (CrCU). Going forward we will be working with respective stakeholders at NYGH to launch in other clinical areas i.e. maternal newborn, and emergency. Current launches have allowed CoHealth to provide valuable feedback in the form of patient insights back to the departments they serve, and we hope to continue this trend into the future!


1 A net promoter score has a 0-10 scale and is calculated by the % of promoters minus the % of detractors.

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