Meet CoHealth

For All Areas of Care

From small practices to high volume units, CoHealth is distributed throughout all care continuums.

Patient Feedback

Ask questions and collect responses to generate real-time insights into your patient populations.

Completely Customizable

CoHealth works with you to ensure that the message that you deliver to your patients is your own.

Private and Secure

Provide your patients with a secure platform and peace of mind.

Trusted and Reliable

Patients trust the quality of care that you provide and CoHealth ensures that they know their care information is coming from you.

Access to Community Care

Support patients beyond your walls at home and in the community.

A Closer Look

  • Care Content On-The-Go

    CoHealth brings together all of the educational resources to support a patient’s care into a single point of access. Patients and caregivers can access this information and manage their care journey before, during, and after a visit.

  • Real-Time Insights

    Providing a deeper understanding of patient experiences and outcomes by helping patients more effectively navigate their care journey. With these insights, feedback today can impact tomorrow.

  • Care Management Tools

    Patients can easily access tools that help them better manage care. From logging blood pressure or temperature to finding care in the community, CoHealth provides support throughout all aspects of the care journey.