About Us

A number of years ago, Zack (CEO & Co-Founder of CoHealth) suffered from a freak sporting accident where he broke his leg. He was rushed to the hospital, and underwent surgery. The problems for him began when he was being discharged: his nurse was providing him with so much information to take in while he was stressed, tired, and medicated. Everything went in one ear, and right out the other.

As a result, he developed a preventible complication he didn't know he had that progressed to the point that his leg was nearly amputated.

We've spoken to thousands of patients who have experienced the same range of emotions as Zack did. They were stressed, tired, medicated, and left their care provider feeling like they did not know what to do next.

Patients deserve better, and that's why we felt the need to do something. CoHealth was born as a result.

Our Team

Zack Fisch Rothbart
CEO & Co-Founder
Cory Blumenfeld
COO & Co-Founder
Rob Iaboni
Director, Strategic Partnerships
Naweed Tajuddin
Director, Engineering
Erica Long
Design Lead
Andrew O'Donohue
Director, Product
Ryan Pachal
Christine Simone
Manager, Client Success

Our Advisors

Hon. Elinor Caplan
Former Min. of Health, Ontario
Tom Closson
Charles E. Holt
Managing Director, FTI Healthcare
Hy Eliasoph
Former CEO, Central LHIN
Dr. Duncan Rozario
Chief of Surgery, Halton Healthcare

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